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Are you struggling to cope?

I’m Tracy Toon Spencer,  a fertility expert, life coach and yoga teacher. I know from my own experience with infertility—and from over a decade working with women struggling to conceive—how challenging life can be when infertility moves in. You need support. I get it and am here to help. Read my fertility success story.

Work with me and learn how to:

  • Cope with the stress of infertility
  • Maintain balance and well-being while boosting your fertility
  • Transform your negative thoughts and emotions
  • Face the unknown with balance, clarity and grace
  • Find community and support

Shift into a new way of experiencing yourself and fertility.

My fertility yoga classes, fertility coaching, fertility support online programs, urban retreats and lifestyle resources give you everything you need to feel healthy and be fertile: concrete methods, clear information and simple yet powerful action steps. So take a deep breath. You are supported.

Let’s get started! Contact me for a free 15-minute consultation.

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